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Welcome to Medical Ink! We provide a solution to the appearance of thinning hair, using modern SMP techniques to give you a fresh look, with denser hair and realistic, natural results.

Meet Jessica! Our leading SMP Practitioner has extensive experience in the Hair Restoration Industry, having assisted in Hair Transplant Surgeries for over 9 years, in strip (FUT) surgeries, Excision (FUE), and Robotic (ARTAS). To date she has helped over 2300+ Hair loss patients gain back their hair confidence, and since 2018 has been using Scalp Micropigmentation to offer precise skill and expertise to non-surgical hair loss patients.

Having completed Hair Loss Surgical Assistant training at Ziering UK, a US-based Clinical group based in Beverley Hills California, in 2013 Jessica began self-employment and travelled around the UK and Europe to assist in Hair Transplant Surgeries. During this time she gained as much experience as possible around Hair loss solutions.

“Initially my goal was to build a vast network of contacts, to learn about all manner of Hair Restoration techniques, and find out which are effective, how effective, and for how long. And there is a lot to learn about. With ever-advancing industry knowledge, it’s essential to keep up to date and to always be learning.

So what brought you from Surgery into Scalp Micropigmentation?

There was definitely something missing in the industry before. Non-surgical treatments are still a commitment; wearing the laser caps, applying the minoxidil foam, sprinkling on the hair fibres, taking the medication. Whilst some effectiveness has been shown from such treatments, they can hardly be a ‘solution’, as each patient waits months for any visible difference, if there is any at all.

Then in 2018 I saw a patient having a Shaved Look treatment, it was completely amazing. Realistic, natural. He said he could hardly feel anything, and when it was finished he walked away with visible improvements already, after just this first treatment. It was something I hadn’t seen in Hair before.

Whilst I work with Scalp Micropigmentation more and more, I maintain my technical work in Hair Restoration Surgery. It’s really enjoyable being able to apply my background into providing SMP; When done right it’s an extremely effective procedure. The best part is once it’s done it’s done; the average patient has little to no upkeep at all. And I can feel proud knowing how I’ve helped that person.

Why did you set up Medical Ink?

Following my training in 2018 I have been learning more and more about Scalp Micropigmentation, meeting industry experts, observing their work, attending classes. The thrill of seeing excellent work being done out there is incredible. When SMP is done well it’s done so so well, with hairlines looking completely natural, density applied realistically. You can really change a person’s appearance through their hair, whether its shape or density. Supporting people to make good choices and providing excellent service is something I always aspire to do, and want to provide a top quality service to clients who want to be treated by an industry professional.

That said it has also been revealing to see just how many practitioners exist who are are offering poorly trained services, using bad or outdated hair restoration techniques and equipment, or simply filling people with ill-informed advice. Hardly any come from the Hair Industry at all which I was surprised at.

I want to provide an opportunity for sufferers to speak to somebody with real industry grounding, not a “sales person” who always seem to guide people towards one particular option ignoring all others, and to offer real people the ability to discuss their issues directly with a real Practitioner. I want to support a client through the decision making process with real knowledge, and if Scalp Micropigmentation is the solution for them, then provide an excellent, high quality treatment the client can feel proud of for years and years.

In your experience, is SMP the ideal solution for hair loss concerns?

I would love to say yes as I love performing Scalp Micropigmentation, but it really is of crucial importance that people who opt in for the procedure are the right candidates, and that this is the best option for them in the long run, with all options considered.

Sometimes, a combination of treatments work, such as a Hair Transplant with SMP, SMP with medications, Hair Fibres and a Hair Transplant……the potential solutions are quite varied. All will come at one cost or another, in terms of money, time and commitment, trial and error, and personal/emotional investment.

No one solution is best for everyone, or even everyone at a particular point in their hair restoration journey. I know how essential it is for patients to really know that they’ve done the true right thing for them, that they understand the process fully, and that their money has been spent in the right place.

Whether or not that right place is SMP can only be determined through discussion at Consultation with a professional practitioner.

What is your Goal today?

Through education and connections throughout the Hair Loss industry, I feel better able to achieve what I would like for Medical Ink: to create the most fantastic, natural-looking, confidence-inspiring results possible for each Client, not just in the immediate but to last for the long-term.

To be a part of a person’s story is a real excitement and a genuine privilege!”

If you would like to know more about our SMP Practitioner Jessica, or to find out what SMP can do for you, please feel free to read through more information on our website, or submit an Enquiry Form to discuss with us in person.

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