How Can You Tell If SMP Is Right For You?

SMP is very versatile, and can be appropriate for almost anyone who wishes for thicker-looking hair. The Inks we use are non-toxic, and naturally degrade over time (semi-permanent). The best way to know is to meet an experienced Practitioner to view their work, and to discuss whether SMP can provide the results you are hoping for.

How Many Sessions Does It Take to Get the Final Result?

Every patient will usually have 3 treatments. The First treatment builds a subtle foundational layer, the subsequent treatment(s) build the density and definition. While there is no necessary time frame for completing the treatments, most patients would like the results as quickly as possible! We leave it a minimum of 2 weeks between treatments so the skin time to heal. Spacing out the treatments in this way is to ensure any skin irritation caused by the treatment has completely subsided before the next stage; in this way, the fastest time to achieve the final result is 6 weeks from start to finish but appointments can be arranged to suit your schedule

How Long Does SMP Last?

Each person is unique. Some people report 3 treatments lasting for 3 years before having faded away completely. Some people have had their results visible for up to 7 years, there is really no way to know for certain. We recommend having a top-up treatment after 2-3 years or when visibility begins to fade.

How Can SMP improve my appearance?

By reducing the visibility of the scalp in a realistic way, the hair looks thicker. Scalp Micropigmentation provides an effective solution and gives great results very quickly.

Does SMP change my day to day life?

Not at all! Unlike other hair thinning solutions, after your treatments you can go about life normally. 4 weeks following your last treatment you can go swimming, go on holiday, get your hair dyed, have a hair cut, anything you usually do. As the treatment goes underneath the surface of the skin you can’t affect the results once SMP is applied; however we always recommend that you wear a sun hat or apply factor 50 suncream to the treated area if going outside or in bright sunlight, as UV exposure can speed up the time it takes for the inks to disappear. This just means you may need more top-up treatments.

Is SMP a better choice than other Hair Loss procedures?

This depends on what you personally may want. A person who has thinning hair can apply fibres to the hair to create a thicker look, however these need to be checked throughout the day, often come away when swimming and must be washed out and re-applied every day. A Hair Transplant Procedure is extremely beneficial and long-lasting to the right patient, but you may not feel ready to have surgical intervention, or perhaps you have already had a Hair Transplant and feel the results could be better. In this case, SMP is a great way to postpone the need for surgery if not enough hair has been lost to justify it. Similarly, SMP is very effective at thickening up post-Transplant if the results weren’t as dense as you had hoped.

There are many, many solutions to hair loss which can be investigated: PRP injections, Fibres, Surgery, Hairpieces/Wigs, each with their own pro’s and con’s. We find the most effective, versatile solution is Scalp Micropigmentation. This allows you to get on with your life and following treatment not worry about it until it’s time for a top-up.

What are the inks made of?

Our Inks are Medical Grade Cosmetic Inks. This means they contain only naturally occurring ingredients such as Carbon and Water (which is one of the main reasons they cannot discolour over time). There are no health contra-indications as a result of this, and at present there are no known medical reasons why any individual would be unsuitable for SMP.

Does the procedure hurt?

As this is not a traditional tattoo, the treatment doesn’t go as deep under the skin, and therefore either no pain at all or very minimal discomfort is felt. Anaesthetic or ‘numbing treatment’ is not needed and you experience more of a tiny, pin-prickling sensation than anything else.

Are there any Side- or After- Effects of SMP?

Essentially None. Immediately after the treatment the area will be slightly red. This can last for a day or so and skin dryness/flaking may be experienced for a couple of days. You can treat this by using a good quality skin product such as Coconut Butter, or good quality Hair Conditioner. Look for something without alcohol content (this is generally good advice for Hair!).

We always advise you to speak to your practitioner and declare any health issues as some parts of the recovery/treatment results can be affected by certain health conditions.

Does SMP Cause Any Damage?

This is a non-surgical treatment. Being minimally invasive, SMP only leaves a slight redness on completion of each treatment which disappears within a day or so. The fine equipment used does not leave any visible scarring and heals quickly. Existing hair is not damaged by the treatment as the equipment goes a millimetre or so underneath the skin’s surface, so is nowhere near deep enough to damage the hair’s root, which usually sit 5-8mm underneath the epidermis.

Can the Ink discolour with Time?

No. Our specially chosen Inks only contain naturally occurring ingredients, and cannot change colour over time. Traditional permanent tattoo inks can contain metals which is what turns them ‘blue’. SMP inks do not contain these and are created specifically for this purpose. SMP ink will degrade and fade away, slowly disappearing.

Can Anyone Have SMP?

SMP is suitable for essentially everybody. Our natural Inks, plus the fact that the treatment works at a minimal depth under the skin, mean that there are very low health risks associated with SMP. As a result, we are able to treat both Men and Women, people of all Ages, Ethnicities, Abilities and Health Conditions for thinning hair and hair loss. If you’re concerned and would like professional advice, please fill an enquiry form and we will get back to you as soon as possible

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