How Can You Tell If SMP Is Right For You?

Scalp Micropigmentation has a wide range of uses. If you have Hair concerns, it’s essential to speak about these with someone who is truly experienced in the Hair Restoration industry. Once you understand the causes of you concerns, it will be so much easier for you to make the right decision. As Hair loss is progressive, and changes as we get older, here at Medical Ink we believe in helping you to make informed choices so you can get the absolute best Hair planning which lasts well into the future!

How Long Before I Get The Finished Look?

Most procedures are spread over 2-3 treatments, between 2 weeks apart.
So if you’d like the treatment completed as soon as possible, you could be seeing the final result within 6 weeks from the first session.

This is to give the scalp time to heal between treatments and you will be given advice and aftercare during this period.

How Long Does SMP Last?

We use permanent inks, so will last a good long time. Occasionally the treatment can fade a little with time. This is not usually a problem as any fading is subtle, and can be corrected with a short top-up treatment. We always recommend a touch-up treatment within a few years just to ensure it’s looking as fresh as Day One and will last a long time. However, some people never need a touch up at all.

As the body changes with time, the shape and area of thinning hair can change too, and in these cases more SMP treatment(s) can be applied to adjust the design to match.

How Can SMP improve my appearance?

If your concern is scalp visibility, then absolutely! SMP is the most long-lasting, natural looking disguise treatment which is available today. By reducing the visibility of the scalp in a realistic way, the hair looks thicker. As hair has such a impact on how we feel about our appearance, our clients leave us feeling more natural in their appearance, with a more healthy looking scalp, and more confident about their overall appearance. Scalp Micropigmentation is an effective solution and gives great, long-lasting results very quickly.

Does SMP change my day to day life?

If you’re ready to stop spending time looking in the mirror, focusing on feeling negative instead of enjoying your life, then Yes! When applied to the highest standard, SMP can certainly help the way you feel about your hair and improve your day to day confidence.

Scalp Micropigmentation requires no daily upkeep. So many of our clients have spent years and hundreds of valuable pounds on applying topical ‘fibres’ every morning to try to thicken up thinning hair areas. Or spent thousands of pounds on Hair Transplant Surgery to find the results were not as thick as they had hoped for, and now find themselves back in the mirror, checking their scalp, avoiding going swimming, or hiding underneath a hat.

I am so very happy to be able to offer an alternative which guarantees saving time, negative self-thoughts, and even money for the future. Our goal is for every client to leave us feeling that their every day life is easier and that they feel more happy.

Is this cheaper than the alternatives?

There are so many alternatives all promising the best results, all of which require some commitment of time and/or money.

For example, in-clinic Laser Hair treatments can cost from £50 a session and must be done regularly to upkeep any effects, with effects showing through from 4 months onwards.

In-clinic scalp health spa-like treatments can cost a lot per session too, and whilst having a clean and healthy scalp must be beneficial, there are limited (none that we can locate) clinical trials to show they have any effect on Hair regrowth.

There are taken home options, such as purchasing a Laser cap to treat yourself at home, costing around £400-1000 on average. Daily tratments such as applying Minoxidil foam, and/or topical fibres, can cost monthly and must be done every day, for the rest of your life. All of these and the many others are a serious long term commitment, involving much trial and error to find out which is most effective, if at all.

Hair Transplant Surgery is an extremely reliable and effective way to treat Hair loss in most cases, but will cost thousands of pounds. For some a reasonable investment to have hair for the rest of your life, particularly when you can spend so much on alternatives which do not work or last very long.

That said, any of these can suit some people and at Medical Ink we believe in finding a solution which suits you, especially at the beginning of a hair loss journey

However, for a permanent, lasting and visible effect, SMP can be the most effective, and affordable long-term solution. It requires minimal to no upkeep, is often a one-time investment, and means you can get on with life.

What are the inks made of?

Our pigments are all-natural, containing organic compounds and do not contain animals products. These interact kindly with the body’s natural chemistry, sitting inertly beneath the skin’s surface where it lasts essentially indefinitely (permanency is explained above).

We have spent much time researching the best quality, Medical-grade Cosmetic inks to ensure clarity and longevity of the treatment!

Is there any pain with SMP?

As this is not a traditional tattoo, the treatment doesn’t deep under the skin, and therefore either no pain or minimal discomfort is felt. Anaesthetic or ‘numbing treatment’ is not neede and you experience more of a tiny, pin-prickling sensation than anything else.

Are there any Side-Effects?

We are not aware of any known contra-indications for Scalp Micropigmentation at present. We always advise you to speak to your practitioner and declare any health issues as standard but as our pigments are natural and the treatment is minimally invasive, we are not aware of any interactions.

The most noticeable after effects are some redness / dryness in the treatment area. This varies in intensity, some people see nothing at all, but if present it lasts between 2-5 days usually but it will depend on your healing time and could take longer.

We recommend aftercare and will guide you accordingly. Otherwise, minimal discomfort after each session.

Does SMP Cause Any Damage?

This is a non-surgical treatment. Being minimally invasive, SMP only leaves a slight redness on completion of each treatment session which does not leave scarring and heals quickly.

Please note that SMP doesn’t damage existing hair roots, which are around 7mm beneath the skin’s surface; these go untouched by the treatment!

Can the Ink discolour with Time?

Our inks have been specifically created to be long-lasting and to not change colour over time. As with all things medical, it’s impossible to say how any individual body will interact with any treatment, however, in my experience, this has not been a concern for us. Our pigments are natural and do not contain any metals.

Metals are usually responsible for the colour changing of traditional tattoos, turning dark colours ‘blue’ over time. As ours do not contain metals, being all-natural, we have not seen this effect.

Can Anyone Have SMP?

SMP is suitable for essentially everybody. Our natural Inks, plus the fact that the treatment works at a minimal depth under the skin, mean that there are very low health risks associated with SMP. As a result, we are able to treat both Men and Women, people of all Ages, Ethnicities, Abilities and Health Conditions for thinning hair and hair loss. If you’re concerned and would like professional advice, please fill an enquiry form and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

How Do I Choose Where to Go for SMP?

No matter what treatment you’re having, we always recommend you speak directly to your potential practitioner! If a clinic doesn’t display proudly Who performs what they’re offering, it’s likely they don’t have set or regular staff and almost anyone could be performing on you. If a clinic doesn’t offer the option to meet your practitioner before the treatment, this is a red flag.

This is a very brief overview of how I would recommend anyone choose any treatment in my experience! :

Speak directly to whoever will be performing your treatment, never a sales person, so you can get a feel for how you get along, and see whether they share Your vision for what you would like.

Costs may vary but any treatment being offered unusually cheaply is cause for concern; specialist equipment, inks, and years of experience do not come so easily.

Going to a tattoo parlour is likely to mean going to a tattoo artist, similarly be aware of high-street ‘beauty shops’ offering SMP. It is a clinical treatment and should not be being performed by non-specialist beauty therapists, particularly as SMP is difficult to correct once done badly.

Please read our post on how to choose the right clinic for you, for a much more detailed article on my experiences in the Hair industry and how to avoid bad practices and how to locate the best.

Do I Need To Do Anything To Upkeep The Results?

We always recommend applying Factor 50 to treated areas to avoid UV interaction with the pigments. This isn’t a huge problem, but if the inks were to disappear more quickly due to UV exposure, you would require more regular top-up treatments. The pigments are happiest out of direct, bright sunlight, but this in no way means you can’t go to the Beach! Just apply factor 50 as you would the rest of your body and have fun!

As far as anything else is concerned, there’s nothig you need to do to upkeep the SMP. Just enjoy!

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